Wedding Buzz...Eight Days Till My Wedding

Wedding Buzz...Eight Days Till My Wedding
Our wedding color is green, but not like that...

It's the last Friday I'll be at work before my wedding and it seems like every time I walk into our Research & Development lab, I field some question about my upcoming wedding.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing because I'll be sure that I know where I'll be from 5pm on Friday till Midnight on Saturday next weekend without question, but it's funny to see the "buzz" around the big day coming's like having a bunch of free wedding planners to make sure not a single item is missed.

All in all, it's great to have everyone ask how excited I am and great it will be...even though I've tried my best to keep an even keel when it comes to talking about it.

Sure, I'm ecstatic and it will be probably the most memorable day of my life (next to when my lovely fiance decides to have our first demon child)!

Our wedding is exactly our style...low key and simple.

It's not outlandish like others our Deacon presided over (this one couple brought 10 foot pillars into the church for decoration, what???), but a  perfect Matt and Mrs. Matt event.

With the days flying by faster and faster, I'm sure both of us will be glad to have all the planning come to fruition (even though she says that she's going to miss putting glitter on what seems to be a billion pumpkins sitting in our dining room).

The big key I told her at the beginning was make the day to be "what you want" and hopefully that's what it will be, one that we can look back on years from now with kids, pets, grandparents, brothers or sisters, and say that we'd still not change a thing...

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend!

P.S. NFL is officially back in 6 days :)

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