Peyton Manning & Wedding's Don't Mix Very Well

Peyton Manning & Wedding's Don't Mix Very Well
Great Manning-Face...

It's the truth...I swear!

(My apologies to Mr. Manning as I'm sure he's very delightful in person and great at weddings)

But it's tough to find out the news that he's out of action for at least 2-3 months now and what that does to my fantasy football team.

(I know Arian Foster called out people for caring more about their fantasy football team than a real life injury to a human, but Arian...those die-hard fans are the ones that help you get that huge salary)

My fiance and future wife would kill me if she knew that my head was spinning more due to this blow to a team of "fantasy" football players than our wedding in less than 48 hours, I guess it's just a guy thing...

I'm excited for the big weekend ahead of me with tying  the knot to my lovely fiance and the first weekend of the 2011-2012 NFL season...even though my fiance has it marked on the calendar as "Football Starts :(" (yes that is a frowny face).

So good luck to all this weekend in their fantasy/eliminator/office pools/survivor leagues and good luck to me trying not to mention my fantasy football team frustrations to my wife on our big day!

Hopefully I'll make it out alive without ruining our wedding day...

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