"It's On Like Donkey Kong": Our Favorite Digital Monkey Turns 30

"It's On Like Donkey Kong": Our Favorite Digital Monkey Turns 30
Can't wait for this weekend!

Being that I'm newly married and fresh off my honeymoon, what is a better way to spend a Saturday?

Celebrating Donkey Kong's 30th Birthday and revisiting my favorite college arcade, Star Worlds Arcade in Dekalb.

Dekalb is about an hour west of Chicago and the home of Northern Illinois University, my Alma mater.

My friends Dan and Nicole are joining me for the festivities that include:

  • "First Generation of Gamers" Time Capsule Photo for the Ottoumwa Time Capsule Project...Ottoumwa being the official home of Twin Galaxies and arcade videogaming
  • Star Worlds: A Pocket Full of Tokens and I'm Heading to The Arcade,  a documentary by local NIU grads about the arcade to be shown at the local Sycamore International Film Festival
  • Donkey Kong tournament at the film festival's block party
  • Walter Day of Twin Galaxies fame (you either know the name or don't) will be there throughout the weekend
  • And an All-You-Can-Play party at the arcade (which has since sold out for Saturday, tonight is still available)

So if that sounds fun and you want to take part in the festivities, check out the Star Worlds Arcade webpage or their Facebook page for all the details.

It's a fun filled day of classic arcade gaming and celebration!

Hope to see everyone out there!

(Oh and P.S. if anyone from Pizza Pros, the local pizza joint in Dekalb, is reading...be ready for my order of cheese nuggets to be placed around my regular college days time tomorrow!)

Star Worlds Arcade Celebration Weekend
1234 East Lincoln Hwy.
Dekalb, Illinois 60115
Friday, September 23rd & Saturday, September 24th

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