Randhurst Has Been Born Again!

Randhurst Has Been Born Again!

Anyone that's lived or passed through the Mount Prospect, Wheeling, Arlington Heights area for any length of time has most likely taken a trip to Randhurst, one of the first air conditioned shopping centers.

Most remember it (as I do) as a lunch hangout that you had to catch the light at Kensington & Elmhurst just right in order not to be late for your next period from lunch (if you went to Prospect for high school).  Others know it as a mecca of indoor shopping well before the glitz and glam of Woodfield was even a thought in some smart developers head.

For plenty of years the mall lost major retailers and traffic to surrounding options, but there was always talk of a complete revamping to enable the Randhurst name to live on and viably compete.

The good news is that the new Randhurst Village is near completion, with a feel of the close-by Deer Park Town Center, where every store has a front window.

With a new AMC Theater (that also serves alcohol), various new restaurants, retail options, offices, and eventually a hotel, it looks that the "Village" will be a hit with the locals and travelers visiting the area.

Even though I don't live less than a mile from it anymore, I'm still going to make a point to stop by and see the grounds of some of my first "real jobs" (I rocked the concession stand in the old General Cinemas and was a part-timer at the Gamestop in the mall) to see how everything is doing.

It's great to see a major part of my childhood upbringing brought to life once again!

For additional information on the Randhurst Village, check out their website or this recent article.

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