On Angels Wings...Perfect Name For A Great Organization

On Angels Wings...Perfect Name For A Great Organization

Dogs, cats...pets in general, we all love them and have that special one in our homes or lives that we care about very much.

Mine is my elderly pup Sadie, a basenji, that my we've had in my family since I was in college.   She's had knee replacements and such in her 8+ years with us and who knows during her earlier years roaming the streets of Wisconsin, we think she's around 13 years old, but her spunk and excitement would fool anyone to think that!

I know that everyday I go home to my new house, I am sad that she won't be there and I'm sure my fiance feels the same way about her pup at her mom's house, Punkin.

It's tough to juggle a new house, getting married, new promotion (in my fiance's case) with keeping regular hours that are needed to have a pet at home, otherwise we'd probably have one of these furry pups with us or a newly adopted friend.

My secret dream job would to be either to work in a vet's office or be involved in some sort of dog rescue effort...both which would most likely require this Commuinications major to go back to school to become certified.

I even volunteered at P.A.W.S. in Chicago when I lived/worked in the city.

All this mumbo jumbo came to mind when I was reading an article by TribLocal's Sheryl DeVore in the Antioch/Fox Lake section about a mother/daughter team that was the recent winner of TribLocal's People's Choice Charity Contest.

These two created, On Angel's Wings, a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization dedicated to saving lives of pets in McHenry County.

Jeannette Schulz and her daughter Emily Huetson run two thrift stores in Crystal Lake and Lake Zurich, where they raise money to pay for the dogs and cats they save from being euthanize and place in adoptive homes.

I'd encourage everyone in the Northwest suburbs to visit one of the thrift stores or get involved by volunteering or fostering a pet if you can...there's nothing like spending time with animals that are willing to pass on that unconditional love!

Visit On Angels Wings website at www.OnAngelsWingsInc.org for more information.

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