How Was Your 2011 Lollapalooza?

How Was Your 2011 Lollapalooza?

Mine?  It was basically the equivalent of that hand sign you make that looks like an airplane that is rocking side to side... essentially just "ok".

I bet there are plenty of people that would say it was their knockout, home-run, favorite year in the past six that it's been solely in Chicago, but aside from a few highlights:

  • Friday: Girl Talk, A Perfect Circle
  • Saturday: Patrick Stump,  Atmosphere
  • Sunday: Deadmau5

...I wasn't very impressed by the weekend of music that cost 270,000 people approximately $215 for a 3-day pass or $90 a day.

Maybe it's the fact that I exhibited eight out of ten signs that "I'm Too Old For Lollapalooza" (according to Tony's list at ChicagoNow blog "Lists That Actually Matter") or the fact that Sunday's triple rain storms completely washed out any interest I had left in seeing Foo Fighters or Deadmau5, the only night that I had interest in seeing both main stage headliners.

If I was ten years younger, I would've relished the opportunity to sing, dance, jump, go nuts in the rain in Grant Park while listening to Eminem or Coldplay (being stuck under a tree for an hour on Sunday trying to escape the rain storm probably still wouldn't have been fun).

It seemed that the weather was playing tricks on others as I saw more "couples" fighting and yelling how they were going to "break up and find someone new" at Lollapalooza...but maybe it was just the booze talking, never the less it was amusement as I walked back and forth.

As with the other four times I've been to the nation's third largest festival, the environment/people watching and Chicago backdrop is half the reason to attend as it never gets old looking from Buckingham Fountain towards the loop as the North main stage is going...I think I could set up a tent and live there if that was an everyday occurance.

Nevermind what this "old fart" says, who went to Lollapalooza this past weekend and how was your time?

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