30 Days Before Your Wedding...What Does That Feel Like?

30 Days Before Your Wedding...What Does That Feel Like?

2011 has been an exciting and promising year thus far with turning the big 28, buying that first house, and getting married...that last part is still coming up and might actually be the most important out of all the other life events in a person's existance.

Now back to my original question, "30 days before your wedding...what does that feel like?"

It feels exciting and nervous, life affirming and goal achieving...it's that one day of your life that will most likely never happen again, so it goes up there with your college graduation, first day at your first real job, your first child's birth, and probably even some of their life landmarks.

Like it was almost planned in a novel, my fiance and I attended a wedding of a friend of ours last night and it gave us a perfect opportunity to see what other things we still needed to plan for and what else wasn't checked off the checklist.

It was very nice and plenty of people came up to us to ask how we felt that our turn was going to be in less than 30 days...

It's nice to be in the home stretch, but with plenty of things still needed to be done (programs, table cards, etc.), it will be nice when the day has come and we can enjoy all the hard work and planning.

Oh the joys of getting married!

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