Finally All Is Right With The World Again...The NFL Is Back!!!

Finally All Is Right With The World Again...The NFL Is Back!!!

I knew that all these storms were for a good just was the trials and tribulations that we all had to go through before the NFL players and owners made up and decided to play nice...because someone finally woke up and realized that unless they kissed and played along, none of them were going to be enjoying the same lifestyle that they were accustomed to, being rich.

As anyone who sits in front of a computer for eight hours a day, you've heard that the NFLPA approved the new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement for those not in "the know") and all returned to normal in this crazy summer of 2011.

Man (and woman) shall have football again!

So this means that we all will actually have something to do on Sunday's instead of read the paper, clean the house, or hope that there is a massive marathon of Jail or Campus PD on to escape from going outside.

Oh and Jay Cutler broke it off with Kristen "I was on the worst show in history...The Hills" Cavallari, it's about time...Jay, we all know that you took the random wedding gifts people sent you and "ran" (we know he really didn't run because he would have to sit on the sidelines, pout, and listen to his ipod for a few games if he did).

Now Fantasy Football leagues can commence (I sent out my work league email today to get people ready) and work production can decrease 25% again, all is well with the world!

For once a Monday feels GREAT!

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