Disaster Area in Carol Stream And We Were In The Middle Of It

One minor secret to my blog is the fact that up until recently I lived with my parents in Arlington Heights, but a few months ago, my lovely fiance and I purchased our first home in Carol Stream (a western suburb between Glendale Heights and West Chicago).

So far Carol Stream has been all that we could've asked for: Great neighbors, every shopping store you could need was within a few miles, a perfect environment for us to eventually raise kids in...

But I guess it's also known for huge storms and losing power..."ruh roh"

This past Thursday morning (around 1 or 2am), there was a massive storm that featured 60 mph winds, ripped trees out of the ground, power outages, and massive amounts of damage.

The best part was that both my fiance and I were 100% asleep through the entire thing and only when I woke up and looked outside did I see what exactly had happened.

Luckily my house suffered no major damage, but we were without power for almost 48 hours (which is why I'm not writing this till Saturday).

And the city (along with Glendale Heights) were declared areas of disaster, I guess that's a first for me!

Luckily our power went back on later Friday evening and we've been able to clean up the rest of the way, it's going to be an even we will never forget and I guess my neighbors say that it's not too far out of the norm either.

So I snapped a few pictures of what occurred on my property, but if anyone reads this and would like me to share their experience or photos, feel free to send me an email!

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