Would You Return 17K You Just Found?

Bob Adams of Arlington Heights would and did...but how many of us would actually "do the right thing and bring the money back?"

After heading to a Chase Bank location in Rolling Meadows at 2641 Kirchoff Road, so he could buy a burrito for lunch, Bob Adams found a clear plastic bag sitting near the ATM that intially he thought was filled with napkins or something else.

But to Bob's surprise, when he picked up the bag and opened it, it contained money and a Chase ATM-style receipt. 



Now as much as I would love to say that I would "take the money and run", I'd probably do the same thing as Honest Bob.

I mean think of the amount of things that any of us could do with that amount of money...go on a much needed vacation, fix that nagging house issue, buy McDouble's every day for the next fifty years of your life...just think of the possibilities.

But how many of us would take the "good samaritan" route and how many of us would "run for the hills"?

The best part of this entire story is the Loomis Armored truck personnel that "misplaced it"...sure to them handling giant amounts of money is an everyday thing and who doesn't make a simple mistake at work at least once a day (dropping food all over your desk or telling your co-worker about how awesome watching "The Bachelorette" was last night), but at the end of the day how can you just "misplace" a giant bag of money?

Good thing Bob decided to do the right thing and bring the bag into the Chase location to turn in. He probably saved someone's job or even from the money falling into the wrong hands to do evil (to buy guns, drugs, or other items of mischief).

It's awesome to hear that he "never thought of keeping the money for himself", I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that wouldn't think twice about doing the exact opposite...

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