Which One Doesn't Belong? Russell Crowe, Naperville, Superman

If you said none of the above, you're actually right, as Russell Crowe has been spotted in the Naperville area over the past few days.

According to this story on TribLocal, plenty of people have seen the "Gladiator" star riding his bike, getting iced-triple-venti-non-fat latte's at Starbucks, or trying to get into Centennial Beach before the facility opened.

Crowe, in town to most likely star as Jor-El, Superman's cosmic father in the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel flick that is filming in Chicago and Plano this summer, has made Naperville wonder if it's the real deal or just a solid look-alike.

My favorite Russell Crowe performance isn't even really Russell Crowe...

Russell Crowe Fighting Around The World

...it's the South Park faux show Russell Crowe Fighting Around The World, how hilarious were those?

Whether you're a fan or not of Mr. Crowe, it's still a pretty cool thing to have a "big timer" walking around the streets seeing as this isn't Los Angeles or New York City, doesn't happen very often.

Enjoy Naperville, unless it starts a trend of Crowe impersonators roaming the streets...

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