Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs...In Arlington Heights???

"Have I died and gone to hot dog heaven?"

That's exactly what I said when I read a story this morning on Trib Local about the Coney Island staple chain that is planning on taking over a vacant beauty salon on the edge of the village, 1766 W. Algonquin Rd, by the end of this summer.

Now for uninformed hot dog enthusiasts, what does this mean?

Joey Chestnut

Hot Dog Eating Champ Joey're my idol!

You'll be seeing "this guy" (for those not in the room with me...I'm pointing both my thumbs at myself just like the Fonz would back on Happy Days) shove copious amount of hot dogs into his mouth on a semi-regular basis.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but if you've ever eaten a Nathan's Famous hot dog, you'll understand why this might be the best news ever.

It's hands-down my favorite hot dog place ever and in a city FULL of great dog joints, it's tough to top the local offerings.

On a day where there is big tech news from Apple's WWDC and the giant E3 nerdfest, it's amazing that a simple hot dog stand stole my undivided attention.

I wonder if they'll let me buy a yearly "all-you-can-eat" pass...


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  • Awesome. Nathan's is EASILY the best basic hot dog. Hot Doug's wins best all-around, but Doug's links are far beyond a simple hot dog. This is good news for me, bad for my belts.

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