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Which One Doesn't Belong? Russell Crowe, Naperville, Superman

If you said none of the above, you’re actually right, as Russell Crowe has been spotted in the Naperville area over the past few days. According to this story on TribLocal, plenty of people have seen the “Gladiator” star riding his bike, getting iced-triple-venti-non-fat latte’s at Starbucks, or trying to get into Centennial Beach before... Read more »

Gin Blossoms @ Arlington Heights Frontier Days...Friday, July 1st!

Gin Blossoms with their major hits “Hey Jealous”, “Follow You Down”, and “Until I Hear It From You” (from the Empire Records soundtrack), were huge successes growing from a small college following to a major label/national success in the mid to late 90s. The “Blossoms” were one of my favorite pop rock bands at the... Read more »

R.I.P. Q101...Maybe

R.I.P. Q101...Maybe
That title “could be” or “could not be” true, depending on how much faith you have on the rumblings around the radio landscape after news of Emmis Communications sale of local radio stations WKQX “Q101” and WLUP “The Loop” to Merlin Media and Chicago-based equity firm GTCR earlier today. If you trust the all-knowing Robert... Read more »

Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in 'Rock of Ages'

What? Sure, you’re probably wondering what that title even means…well I barely do either. Catching my eye when browsing USA Today online was an article about Tom Cruise playing a superstar devotee of hair-band excess in next years big-screen version of a popular Broadway musical focusing on the ’80s, ‘Rock of Ages’. Now I’ll agree... Read more »

The Wicked Warlock of the Eastern Conference Has Finally Been Vanquished

LeBron James…mostly negative things come to mind nowdays whenever we each hear that name. It’s funny that 340 days ago at this time in the afternoon, LeBron was still a beloved household name of an NBA MVP and most likely all-time great basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fast forward a few hours and that... Read more »

Would You Return 17K You Just Found?

Bob Adams of Arlington Heights would and did…but how many of us would actually “do the right thing and bring the money back?” After heading to a Chase Bank location in Rolling Meadows at 2641 Kirchoff Road, so he could buy a burrito for lunch, Bob Adams found a clear plastic bag sitting near the... Read more »

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs...In Arlington Heights???

“Have I died and gone to hot dog heaven?” That’s exactly what I said when I read a story this morning on Trib Local about the Coney Island staple chain that is planning on taking over a vacant beauty salon on the edge of the village, 1766 W. Algonquin Rd, by the end of this... Read more »

36th Arlington Heights Frontier Days...June 30th through July 4th!

With June sneaking up on us after the winter/spring insanity, it means that the summer festival season is upon us. Being that I’ve lived a majority of my teenage/adult life in Arlington Heights, one thing that will always be a solid memory is Frontier Days. Frontier Days was “the” place to hang out in the... Read more »