The Super Happy Fun Club EP Release Party @ Subterranean in Chicago!

So next Saturday, June 4th, what's everyone have planned?

Hopefully you're like me and not planning that far ahead, but I do have something for you that involves both the words "Super" and "Happy"...

Sure as lame as that sounds, it's far from it, especially if your a big fan of Chicago based tunes!

Local musicians The Super Happy Fun Club are set to release their debut EP "Go Fun Yourself" with a party at Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave, in Chicago.


The Super Happy Fun Club is comprised of vets from Lucky Boys Confusion, Treaty of Paris, The Waiting Game, Logan Square, and One Life...just to name a few.

With Stubhy Pandav leading the charge on vocals (LBC), Brad Chagdes on Guitar/Vocals (Logan Square), Pat Gilroy on Keyboard/Vocals, Jeremy Galanes on Bass/Vocals, Phil Kosch on Guitar (Treaty of Paris), and Chris Mason on Drums...SHFC is essentially a collection of Chicago music scene all-stars that actually get along and enjoy lots of alcohol/ideas...what a novel concept!

I was privy enough to check out the new disk recently and if your a fan of upbeat, high-energy, and out-of-control madness me you'll be doing yourself a favor and picking it up at the show or at your favorite online retailer!

Tickets are on-sale now for only $10 and has a solid opening lineup as well including The Scissors, The Second, and Alex Maier (ex-Victory Gins, Treaty of Paris).

Also if your bored at work and want to peep some additional info about SHFC, check out

The Super Happy Fun Club
"Go Fun Yourself" EP Release Party
2011 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
9:00p Show
17+, $10


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  • Shame on you for not mentioning "Close Enough," the original iteration of Gilroy, Galanes, and Mason! And Fifteen Minutes Late (Brad's original band). They were beloved parts of the Chicago scene before One Life/The Waiting Game & Logan Square!

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