Happy Mother's Day To All!

It's the perfect time of year...spring in full swing with summer around the corner, all the cold weather of winter gone for another year, Bulls in the playoffs, and well the Cubs & Sox are the Cubs & Sox...

But as every year, the second Sunday in May always is a time to reconnect and reflect with the woman that brought us into this life, Mom.

Whether or not your mom is still with us in this life, it's a time to remember how important they are and to cherish the time you still have with them or the memories of the great times you spent with them.

It being my first Mother's Day owning my own home and most likely moved out for the final time, it feels surreal to know that I won't wake up everyday and chat with my mom about what is going on currently in my life or to plan what we are having for dinner that evening...yes I'm almost 28, but talking on the phone is much different than that face to face conversation between a mother and their child.

I'm sure my fiance will feel the same thing when visiting her mom today: knowing that she eventually will leave the house she called home for a majority of her life and go to a new house far from the room she called her own for so long.

Obviously growing up is a part of each of our lives and it's not like we moved across the continent, but with the strong connections that we both still have with our moms, it's tough to let that younger years part of our lives go.

Mother's Day reaffirms the importance of this special person and reminds us to celebrate them all year round, not just on only one day.

To all the Mom's out there...Happy Mother's Day and hopefully you get to spend it being pampered by the ones you love and care about the other 354 days of the year!

To my mom...all the love I can give and hopefully I do my best to make you proud every day!

Mother's Day

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