Concert Venue & Prospect Heights....Huh?

Concert Venue & Prospect Heights....Huh?

Normally not two items that have anything to do with each other right?  Well that might not be that way for much longer if a group of four petitioners have a say about it.

According to an article on the Daily Herald website, a group of men addressed the Prospect Heights City Council last night in regards to plans for a bar/concert venue with a late-night liquor license.

New Venue

The location (1227 Rand Road), what used to be a Dominick's (and even an Omni for those of us old enough to remember) a few years ago and hasn't been anything since, is a wide open space large enough to realistically hold a decent late night concert crowd.

Now the question is...does the city or neighborhood welcome it with open arms? 

Being that it's across the street from John Hersey High School and in an area not normally known for nightlife, it begs the question of "will people come out to support it?"

Sure there have been minor successes of concert venues/bars in strip plazas such as Oasis 160 in Chicago Heights (which is now a furniture store) and Shark City in Glendale Heights, but those communities have stronger amounts of young people populating the surrounding areas.

Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Wheeling, and especially Prospect Heights are normally known as bedroom communities with established families.  

As much as I'd love to see an establishment such as this in the area, unless the proposal is perfect and has support from the music community to bring in acts that draw crowds, it might be a tough idea to have approved.

Fellow Northwest "suburbanites", what are your feelings?  If such a place existed in your backyard, would you go out and support it?

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