Chicagoland Casino Expansion Good or Bad???

Who doesn't like gambling?  Sure it sucks when you lose, but that feeling of free money when you win...isn't that one of the best feelings in the world when your trying to figure out what your going to buy?

Most of us having to travel far to get that kick in won't have that far to travel if a bill moving it's way through the Illinois Senate gets passed.

According to an updated Chicago Tribune article from today states that the measure would allow Chicago a land-based casino or one on Lake Michigan, as well as authorize slot machines behind security areas at O'Hare & Midway.  Slot machines would also be authorized for horse racing tracks, such as Arlington Park.

Four other casinos would be built: in Park City (Lake County), an undetermined south suburb, Rockford and Danville.  In addition, the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield would also be allowed to host expanded horse racing and slots.

So what does this mean for us, the general public?

Good part about it is that $1.5 billion in licensing fees for the state would go to paying overdue bills and $500 million a year could be raised and be dedicated to education and public works improvements.

Maybe with this bill our taxes won't keep skyrocketing and all those nasty potholes will actually get filled, right? 

With all of this said, is the expansion of gambling in Illinois good or bad?  

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