All Good Things Must Come To An End...Haley's Song

May means it's finally starting to warm up, the winter (and hopefully a majority of the rainy Spring) is completely gone for another year, flowers and the sun are coming out again...and sadly Haley Reinhart was eliminated from the 10th season of American Idol last night.

Haley's ride to the top stopped at number three, but at least she was able to bring more positive publicity to Wheeling and the northwest suburbs during last weeks hometown party.


Haley also seemed to be the biggest risk taker in the final trio with Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, two almost exclusively country vocalists.

During one of her final songs, Led Zeppelin's "What Is and What Should Never Be", she was accompanied by her father, local music vet Harry Reinhart, but also stumbled during a portion when she was trying to make it back from the judges' table to the stage.

Haley always seemed to stumble, kept her head up, and moved on...which should make us all proud to welcome her home with what she accomplished.

And in true American Idol spirit, sometimes it's not the winner that makes their mark in the music industry.  

I bet Haley could talk to Chris Daughtry or Ruben Studdard and see how they didn't win it all, but ended up all right in the end.

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