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Chicagoland Casino Expansion Good or Bad???

Who doesn’t like gambling?  Sure it sucks when you lose, but that feeling of free money when you win…isn’t that one of the best feelings in the world when your trying to figure out what your going to buy? Most of us having to travel far to get that kick in won’t have that far... Read more »

The Super Happy Fun Club EP Release Party @ Subterranean in Chicago!

So next Saturday, June 4th, what’s everyone have planned? Hopefully you’re like me and not planning that far ahead, but I do have something for you that involves both the words “Super” and “Happy”… Sure as lame as that sounds, it’s far from it, especially if your a big fan of Chicago based tunes! Local... Read more »

Concert Venue & Prospect Heights....Huh?

Concert Venue & Prospect Heights....Huh?
Normally not two items that have anything to do with each other right?  Well that might not be that way for much longer if a group of four petitioners have a say about it. According to an article on the Daily Herald website, a group of men addressed the Prospect Heights City Council last night... Read more »

All Good Things Must Come To An End...Haley's Song

May means it’s finally starting to warm up, the winter (and hopefully a majority of the rainy Spring) is completely gone for another year, flowers and the sun are coming out again…and sadly Haley Reinhart was eliminated from the 10th season of American Idol last night. Haley’s ride to the top stopped at number three,... Read more »

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Nor Hail Shall Keep Haley From Making Her American Idol Hometown Appearance...

Wheeling’s very own Haley Reinhart still made her American Idol “Hometown Visit” last Saturday, amist a dreary, rainy, and gloomy day in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. It wasn’t going to stop her from visiting the area that just a few months ago she called home without all the cameras and lights. Starting her day... Read more »

Is There Something Special In The Water??? Another American Idol Finalist

It must be the water, air, or basic geologic location that’s enabled the Northwest suburbs of Chicago to have another top three finalist on American Idol. Last years inspirational story of everyone’s favorite local paint salesman Lee DeWyze was much more publicized than current finalist Haley Reinhart, but that’s not going to stop Haley from... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day To All!

It’s the perfect time of year…spring in full swing with summer around the corner, all the cold weather of winter gone for another year, Bulls in the playoffs, and well the Cubs & Sox are the Cubs & Sox… But as every year, the second Sunday in May always is a time to reconnect and... Read more »

What A Way To Start May...

September 11th, 2001 & Osama Bin Laden…both infamous in American history for the pain and suffering that occured approximately between 8:46am and 10:28am (and forever in people’s hearts/minds) that Tuesday. And now nearly ten years later, the man that was the head perpetrator to blame has finally been brought to justice. It seems like it... Read more »