Who Took April 17th & 18th in the Snow Pool? Not This Guy...

Snow in April...weren't we done with this garbage? 

According to various weather reports, the Chicagoland area (mostly the far North and Northwest burbs) are scheduled to get around three inches of the white stuff.

With the snow starting to fall around 9pm until Midnight, it looks to make a slushy evening for those out expecting to enjoy a nice April evening.

Hate Snow

I bet everyone feels this way right about now...

Didn't we have enough winter? I mean seriously with the worst snowstorm of the past ten years a few months back and cold that started back in October I believe, wasn't that enough Mother Nature?
I guess not, but hopefully it's just a one day thing as being that I'm FINALLY closing on a new house tomorrow, I would like to hopefully believe that moving in April is a safe time to move minus snow.
Good luck to everyone that has to work outside this evening and hopefully you dressed warm!

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