Time Waster of the Day: "That Can Be My Next Tweet!"

Are you like me and always looking to drag your mind away from work at least for five minutes each day?  

If you are (and have a Twitter account), I found the best way to waste five minutes instead of going to the bathroom for the 40th time, getting you 15th drink of water, or 50th check of your personal email...it's called "That Can Be My Next Tweet!".

My Next Tweet

"That Can Be My Next Tweet!" is located at yes.thatcan.be/my/next/tweet and all you need to do is throw in your Twitter name, click the button, and be prepared to not understand what it spits out.

Developed by Wimer Hazenberg of design firm Booreiland, "That Can Be My Next Tweet!" claims to do its work "based on the DNA of your exisiting messages." 

It doesn't really work that well as it throws together pieces of statements you've previously written and spits out a sentence that could potentially be something that you would say, but not exactly modern english.

The best part is that without having to sign in, you can realistically choose anyones Twitter handle to play around with...

My best "next tweet" was "Playing this year and being as possible? Nope...I'm seeing these sandwiches!" (as you can see above)...how awesome is that!

Have fun and check out what yours might be!

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