Like Movies and Live in the Mount Prospect Area...Have I Got Something For You!

Anyone that's lived in the Mount Prospect/Arlington Heights/Wheeling area has been to the theater at Randhurst at some point or another, right?

Well whether or not you frequented it when it was a General Cinemas or an AMC over the past last 10+ years, there is an exciting event taking place tomorrow for the new AMC Randhurst 12, which officially celebrates its Grand Opening on Friday, April 29th.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 20th, AMC Theaters is inviting their AMC Facebook fans and three guests to attend "AMC Fan Appreciation Night", a special night to check out the brand new theater in Randhurst Village before it officially opens to the public.

They will be running five classic films (Godfather, Inception, Dark Knight, Hangover, and Blues Brothers) and are giving out free tickets (you plus three friends).

All you have to do is visit and choose which movie you would like to see (showtimes vary from 6pm until 10:45pm).

Best part is not only the free flick on the brand new crystal clear, all-digital screens, but the fact that they are giving away free movies for a year!

There are plently of cool new additions to this theater that make it a head above the previous one:

  • All-digital projection
  • Signature seating including box seats, front-row recliners and extra leg room in the back
  • An ETX auditorium with seat-rattling sound
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle® with 100+ drink choices at your finger tips (I've tried this before and it's SUPER cool)
  • MacGuffinsSM Lounge with a full cocktail bar (they do serve liquor!)

I'm excited to check out the new digs as the original General Cinemas Randhurst theater was actually my first official gig in high school, I'm sure I'll be impressed.

With it being a rainy and gloomy April outside these days, there's no better time to head inside the new AMC Randhurst 12 tomorrow, Wednesday, April 20th, to check out some solid movies for free and maybe find your new favorite place to see all the new releases starting on the 29th!

If you do go, leave me a comment or send me a tweet on what you think.

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