How Much Higher Can Gas Prices Get???

When it comes to things that everyone needs in this, clothes, love, and....gas?

Sadly, whether we like to believe it or not (and aside from the lucky select few that get to run, walk, bike, or ride the train to work), everyone at some point drives a car and makes that ever important trip to the gas station to fill up.

Rising Oil Prices

Problem is that prices keep going higher and higher every day and week.

I remember a time during my college days that I could fill up my 10 gallon, Chrysler "Mom-mobile" as my friends called it, for less than $15 (with gas being around $1.50ish a gallon back in 2001/2002).

Who knew that less than ten years later it would be double and now almost triple that price (even in Lake County where it's around $3.79 at the local BP without the Cook County taxes driving it up).

The prices on barrels of oil aren't getting better as it just went up to $109 a barrel, which in turn is driving the demand down with the pump prices skyrocketing.

It's almost getting to the point where people are questioning themselves if they need to make that extra trip to the store on the way home or do they really need to head out for lunch during work?

With most analysts saying that $4.50 a gallon by Labor Day isn't out of the question, how have you cut back on your driving to save that all important dollar?

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