Could Arlington Park Actually Close?

Arlington Park, it's a large structure and entity in the large suburb of Arlington Heights.  It brings people from cities and states around to take part in the races, betting, and various other activities.

I was shocked to read that recently, Arlington Heights Village President Arlene Mulder, is worried that the park might face closure without having slot machines in place, which would bring in additional patrons and money to the park and city.


Officially opening in 1927, Arlington Park has been home to the Arlington Million since 1981 and runs races from May 6th until September 25th.

With the Sheraton Hotel, directly west of the track, closing in 2009, it wouldn't be out of the possibility for more closures if the city and park don't act soon.

In the 16+ years of being a resident of Arlington Heights, I've always known Arlington Park as a major attraction during the late Spring until early Fall, but I can't even fathom it not being in operation anymore.

Hopefully it's all just talk and not a reality, but how many of you out there come out to Arlington Park during the race year?

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