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Are You Excited About The 2011 Lollapalooza Lineup?

If you are, rock on…but I’m not… Sure, Eminem hasn’t toured in a few years and A Perfect Circle or Coldplay are always solid live shows, but wasn’t Lollapalooza supposed to be a destination for rare and once-in-a-lifetime performances since it was revived in Chicago a few years back. I guess The Cars are supposed... Read more »

Leone Brothers, of Madina Lake, Back On-Stage Together Again

June 30th, 2010 is a day that the Leone Brothers, originally from Palatine and one half of the rock band Madina Lake, will never forget. It was a day that Matthew, bassist and older brother, was hospitalized after being assaulted in the street near Nathan’s Chicago apartment. Matthew was trying to help a woman who... Read more »

Like Movies and Live in the Mount Prospect Area...Have I Got Something For You!

Anyone that’s lived in the Mount Prospect/Arlington Heights/Wheeling area has been to the theater at Randhurst at some point or another, right? Well whether or not you frequented it when it was a General Cinemas or an AMC over the past last 10+ years, there is an exciting event taking place tomorrow for the new... Read more »

Who Took April 17th & 18th in the Snow Pool? Not This Guy...

Snow in April…weren’t we done with this garbage?  According to various weather reports, the Chicagoland area (mostly the far North and Northwest burbs) are scheduled to get around three inches of the white stuff. With the snow starting to fall around 9pm until Midnight, it looks to make a slushy evening for those out expecting... Read more »

Time Waster of the Day: "That Can Be My Next Tweet!"

Are you like me and always looking to drag your mind away from work at least for five minutes each day?   If you are (and have a Twitter account), I found the best way to waste five minutes instead of going to the bathroom for the 40th time, getting you 15th drink of water,... Read more »

Could Arlington Park Actually Close?

Arlington Park, it’s a large structure and entity in the large suburb of Arlington Heights.  It brings people from cities and states around to take part in the races, betting, and various other activities. I was shocked to read that recently, Arlington Heights Village President Arlene Mulder, is worried that the park might face closure... Read more »

How Much Higher Can Gas Prices Get???

When it comes to things that everyone needs in this life…food, clothes, love, and….gas? Sadly, whether we like to believe it or not (and aside from the lucky select few that get to run, walk, bike, or ride the train to work), everyone at some point drives a car and makes that ever important trip... Read more »

New Voice of the Chicago Cubs...From Arlington Heights???

In following up on a piece I wrote back in late February about the Chicago Cubs seeking a new Public Address Announcer…well they found one and he comes from the “Heights”. Andrew Belleson of Arlington Heights won the position after having an on-the-job tryout and besting 3,000 other hopefuls. Check out his video entry: Andrew... Read more »