Some "Beefy" Changes at Wrigley Field

Being that I'm a food lover (as we all should be in life), I enjoy my fair share of Hot Dogs and Pizzas.  

That being said, two pretty cool changes took place today when it came to some of the offerings that will be new (and old) at Wrigley Field this season.

First, being that Vienna Beef, which first opened in Chicago in 1894, will once again become the official "dog" of the Cubs, replacing Sara Lee's Ball Park franks. Vienna was served at Wrigley prior to 1982 and is for certain part of the parks history.

Vienna Beef

Second and probably most important in my eyes is the change from Connie's Pizza to D'Agostino's.  Now most of you might not be lucky enough to know the greatness of D'Agostino's, but in short, it's probably some of the best Chicago pizza around.


I remember plenty of Wednesday nights spent eating half-priced, thin-crust pizza at D'Agostino's on Southport & Addison, around the corner from my apartment.  

It's a sweet, more "spagetti" like sauce that gives it a taste all it's own and now Wrigley & Cubs fans alike will be able to enjoy that inside the me it's an upgrade over Connie's for sure!

These changes alone are almost enough to make me want to pay the cash to go see the Cubs live and in person this year (or at least go watch some games at D'Agostino's down the street).

Two thumbs up from a Cubs fan and I'm sure you'll feel the same way if you don't already! 

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