So How Stressful Is Buying Your First House Supposed To Be???

Seriously??? Is it supposed to be nerve-racking, nail-biting, and makes you uneasy to the point where you feel ill?

If not, I guess I'm a baby (which I probably am) because as my fiance and I get down to some of the final details of a deal to purchase our first stomach has been in knots and sleep has come at more of a premium than usual in the last few days.

It's probably all due to the fact that not only are we purchasing our first home, but in almost six months to the day, we're planning on being married.

Our original idea was originally to have purchased a house already and have ample time between giant life events, but as always...the schedule never went as according to plan and some of the bumps along the way took us off the path more than we would've liked it to.

I'm extactic at the notion of being able to own my own place of residence and be able to put my money into a mortgage instead of throwing it away on rent.

Sure, the values of homes have dropped and many experts are saying that home owning isn't all it's cracked up to be as it used to.  That the value of these properties aren't inflated like a few years ago...

First Time Home Buyer

The American dream is to be able to own your own house, have a loving family, and enjoy yourself enough to be proud of your existance when your final number is called.

But for someone like me who's been thrifty (most people refer to this/me as "cheap") for the past ten plus years of his life in order to get to this time where buying a house and getting married were the end goal, it's tough to take that giant leap of faith with the one you love without getting a little nervous or wondering if this is the correct choice to be making.

At the end, it's all part of the great adventure of life right?

Wish us luck!

(Update: Before I actually was able to post this, we had our house inspection that went more than terrible if that's even possible, so back to the drawing board...)

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