NCAA March Madness...How Do I Love Thee!

NCAA Tournament, St. Patrick's Day, and potentially buying a house...this week is all forms of "Winning" (as Charlie Sheen would say) for me.

Year after Year, this week ends up being my favorite as Thursday and Friday hold wall to wall college basketball games to comprise probably the most exciting two days on the sports calendar year.

NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB have nothing on the excitement and stories that come from the first 32 games of the tournament.

NCAA 2011 Bracket

Have your bracket filled out?

I do and most years I take the first two days off to sit in front of a TV and watch as many games as possible with sadly this year being the exception in anticipation of the impending purchase of the first house that will follow with enough days taken off of work as it is.

My Final Four comprises of North Carolina/Duke, Kansas/Wisconsin with North Carolina beating Kansas in the championship.

Now why I have Wisconsin going all the way to the Final Four is beyond me, but it sounded good.

What does your bracket look like and do you have any weird traditions such as viewing locations or food/beverage preferences?

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