Hidden Heights Hangouts: Sushi Para of Palatine

Sushi...not necessarily the first thing that comes to mine when you say "All-You-Can-Eat", but Sushi Para on Dundee in Palatine is just that:

An "All-You-Can-Eat" Sushi joint with three other Chicago based locations.  

How much better can it get?

Sushi Para

Well the best part is the price...it's only $15.50 for lunch and $18.99 for dinner.

The only catch is that any items you don't eat, they charge you for, which is understandible so people won't over order without thinking about it first.

Now I caution anyone expecting to waltz into any of their locations because even today 1pm when I was leaving the Palatine location, there was a line of about 20 people waiting for a table.  So be sure to pick your dining times correctly or expect a short wait.

With excellent choices and good quality, your paying peanuts when you realize that normal take home portions of sushi are anywhere from $5-$10.

So go early or late (or in between) with a completely empty stomach and you will leave more than happy with a smile on your face (hopefully)!

Hidden Heights Hangouts #4
Sushi Para of Palatine
1268 East Dundee Rd

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