What's The Longest It's Taken You To Discover A Lost Item?

With most people losing a prized posession a few times during their lives, this article I read today on Consumerist.com struck home.

The short of the story is that a New York Times employee had lost his wallet over 40 years ago and recently had it returned after all these years.

Lost & Found

It upsets us to no end (at least it to does to me) when we lose a wallet, car keys, phone, or other important "life" item.

Luckily I've never lost anything extra important to my daily existance, but the one thing I did lose back in high school was my class ring. 

It was my junior year and I remember jumping into my buddies car (yes, like Dukes of Hazzard style) without realizing that my ring had fallen off my finger between my feet leaving the ground and my non-existant butt hitting the seat.

Somehow three weeks later I was called into the dean's office (a normal occurance during my high school years) and instead of getting screamed at for throwing Pop Tarts in the lunch room, she hands me my class ring back.

Apparently it was found in the girls locker room and then turned into the school office.

Now how it got from the parking lot to the girls locker room is still a mystery to me today, but the ring still sits on my dresser at home.

What's the longest it's taken you to discover a lost item?


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  • I lost a pair of earrings. I tore apart the jewelry armoire, cleared all counters, looked in pockets, etc. Two years later I open a drawer in the armoire and picked up a polishing cloth. Underneath the polishing cloth were the earrings!

    My daughter lost her class ring in her bathroom. Still hasn't found it.

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