"Sno-torious B.I.G. 2011", Hanging in the Heights Version

So the blizzard of 2011 was just that: a blizzard that closed down Lake Shore Drive, made CPS close for the first time in twelve years, displaced people at hotels for the night to make it into work the next day or at home without any chance of leaving until the plows came to your street.

It feels great to be a grown-up and be able to say that I have a "Snow Day", but not when it involves shoveling multiple times and crossing your fingers that your car is going to start.

I wanted to share a few photos that my family, fiance, and I took over the past 24-hours for a perspective on the "Hanging in the Heights" version of "Sno-torious B.I.G."...

Snow, it's what sets Chicagoans apart from Floridians or Californians.  It's what gives us all that irresistible character and personality, builds strong friendships and bonds between neighbors, friends and loved ones.

"Sno-torious B.I.G. 2011" might have made February 1st & 2nd, 2011 a memorable one, but if nothing else it's another story for us to share with those who weren't a part of what one Chicago official called "a night to remember"...

What is going to be your best memory from the past 24-hours? 


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