Hidden Heights Hangouts: Photo's Hot Dogs

Everyone enjoys a good old fashion hot dog, no matter whether your from Chicago or from a land far far away, that juicy/tasty dog gets anyones hunger roaring.

One of the best parts of living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is no shortage of solid hot dog joints to choose from.

Yes there is Gene & Jude's in River Grove or Wiener's Circle on Clark in Chicago, but a favorite of mine that's right down the street from me in Mount Prospect is Photo's Hot Dogs (with a newer location in Palatine).

Photo's Hot Dogs

Photo's has been around since the late 80's and is a proud member of the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame (along with a previous "HHH" Peep's).  

Two Jimmy's (Photopolous and Courouklis) created their restaurant in a quiet area of Mt. Prospect and bought a 'Photomobile' to promote their new business all around town.  

Eventually having antique car shows, concerts, and a special every night to bring in the crowds, Photo's became a staple for anyone around the 60056.

Photo's has sponsored local sports teams for the past two decades and gives out free ice cream to kids (supposedly sometimes free fries and beers to the older crowd). 

They've gotten countless awards and was a lunch staple for anyone and everyone during my years at Prospect High School.

I still try to make it down Kensington for a killer dog and cheese fries combo whenever I can, I'd say you should too!

Hidden Heights Hangouts #3
Photo's Hot Dogs
1706 E Kensington
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056


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