"Didn't Want to Leave Any Witnesses"...What Will Kids These Days Think of Next???

As I do any day of the week, I was checking up on the daily news on the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald websites when I happened upon a story about some kids from Arlington Heights and Des Plaines breaking into a building and poisoning/killing three fish.

The story appropriately named the main culprit the "Goldfish Killer" because as the 16-year old boy recounted what him and his friends had done, when asked about why he poisoned all the fish, the boy said he "didn't want to leave any witnesses"...

Killer Goldfish

So unless the goldfish looked like the comic one above, I really don't think that they were either an issue or potentially going to rat them out.

Now I would hope that teenage kids would realize that goldfish would be the least of their problems when breaking and entering, but who knows what kids know these days when one of them says something like this and means it...

What is the craziest thing you've ever heard a teenage say or do?

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