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Can The NW Burbs Go 2 for 2 on American Idol?

With the 10th season of FOX’s popular show American Idol in full swing with brand new hosts Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith) and Jennifer Lopez joining Randy “Yea Dawg” Jackson, it’s looking like the NW suburbs of Chicago are becoming a hot bed of singing superstars. This past Wednesday, Wheeling native Haley Reinhart made it to... Read more »

What's The Longest It's Taken You To Discover A Lost Item?

With most people losing a prized posession a few times during their lives, this article I read today on struck home. The short of the story is that a New York Times employee had lost his wallet over 40 years ago and recently had it returned after all these years. It upsets us to... Read more »

Hidden Heights Hangouts: Photo's Hot Dogs

Everyone enjoys a good old fashion hot dog, no matter whether your from Chicago or from a land far far away, that juicy/tasty dog gets anyones hunger roaring. One of the best parts of living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs is no shortage of solid hot dog joints to choose from. Yes there is... Read more »

"Didn't Want to Leave Any Witnesses"...What Will Kids These Days Think of Next???

As I do any day of the week, I was checking up on the daily news on the Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald websites when I happened upon a story about some kids from Arlington Heights and Des Plaines breaking into a building and poisoning/killing three fish. The story appropriately named the main culprit the... Read more »

Eminem, Muse, and Foo Fighters...Oh My!

The local music scene (or at least a good number of my friends) are a buzz from Greg Kot’s Lollapalooza leak yesterday in the Chicago Tribune. With potential headliners of Eminem, Muse, and Foo Fighters, the lineup looks to be solid with the additional supporting acts that Greg mentions. So far also anticipated to jam at Lollapalooza: Best... Read more »

Day After Super Bowl XLV...Did You Actually Care About The Game?

The Super Bowl…it’s the biggest game/day of the NFL fan’s yearly calendar and for some reason I just couldn’t have cared less before/during/after the game. Were there more people out there like me? Was it because the Bears lost to the same Green Bay Packers, our sworn enemies, just two weeks ago? And as much... Read more »

"Sno-torious B.I.G. 2011", Hanging in the Heights Version

Blizzard and shoveling least until more snow falls...
So the blizzard of 2011 was just that: a blizzard that closed down Lake Shore Drive, made CPS close for the first time in twelve years, displaced people at hotels for the night to make it into work the next day or at home without any chance of leaving until the plows came to your... Read more »