Would You Eat A Bears Themed Pizza As Big As A Small Child?

My answer would obviously be yes as anyone that knows me, knows my love of both pizza and eating in general...but recently I saw a story about Donny's Pizzeria that now makes a pizza that will feed 35-40 Bears fans to celebrate the "enormity" of the upcoming Bears/Packers NFC Championship game this Sunday.

You ask, "How big is a pizza to feed that many people?"

It's 20-inch by 50-inch made with 11 pounds of dough, 4 pounds of cheese, and don't forget the meat, including pepperoni to spell out "Da Bears" and vegetables add another 6 pounds to the massive pie.

The pizza ends up taking up an entire shelf of an oven and needs to be carried by multiple people in specially made pizza boxes to a delivery van in order to make it to it's final destination.

This "Epic" (what Donny's owner is calling the item) pie is my kinda style, the only issue is finding enough people to help me eat it this Sunday!

Donny's Pizzeria is located at 636 East Golf Road in Arlington Heights, phone number 847-228-5900.

I'm sure calling before the 2nd quarter is suggested if you would want to have it arrive by halftime...

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