Hidden Heights Hangouts: Peep's Hot Dogs

If you live/frequent anywhere near Hersey high school or Town and Country Mall (if it's even a mall anymore), you probably have heard of or been to Peep's Hot Dogs.

Located at the corner of Rand and Thomas Ave (across from Target), Peep's is a locally owned business that was a favorite hangout of my friends and I during our lunch hour in high school.


The best part about Peep's is that even almost ten years later (just the thought of a decade passing since high school makes me cringe), the food is still as great as it was the first day I walked in there.

My dad and brother go there for their gyros, hot dogs, cheese fries, and hamburgers. I, with my 4 year old appetite, still like to devour their chicken nuggets.

It's always the same friendly staff when you walk in there and even if you only have five dollars in your pocket, you'll find something and be able to walk out with a full stomach.

It's a piece of Arlington Heights that I'm sure plenty of people have passed, but haven't stopped to check out. 

My suggestion is to stop and enjoy/support a local business!

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