From Paint Salesman to...Singing the National Anthem???

According to a story I saw earlier today in the Chicago Tribune, Lee DeWyze has hinted on his Twitter that he may be singing the National Anthem at this Sunday's Bears/Packers game at Soldier Field.

"National Anthem at home, yes. Go Bears," Tweeted DeWyze, a Mount Prospect native who won "American Idol" last year.

If this is true, think of the whirlwind year that he's had...

DeWyze Again

He's sung the Anthem at the NBA Finals, thrown out the first pitch at the Cubs game, gone on tour with American Idol Live, won a Teen Choice Award, and now might sing the soaring Anthem at the most important game in this historic football rivalry.

Even Wikipedia says that he's the second cousin of Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers...really???  I wonder who he's rooting for on Sunday?

At the end of the day, it's great to see a local boy make it big...hopefully he stays at the top for a long time to come! 

He just better be rooting for the Bears...


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  • Yea Lee, you rock(as a singer and as my former paint guy)! I hope you are as close to your 2nd cousin as I am to mine (don't know any of them). GO BEARS!

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