Bar Mount Prospect???

Recently, I was surprised to see that the normally upscale and posh eatery/bar, Bar Louie, had opened their latest location on Rand Road near Randhurst (across from Wendy's and next to the Holiday Inn).

Being that I've been to the establishment in Naperville, Orland Park, Evanston, and downtown in Wrigleyville, it seemed odd that such a place would end up in a family community such as Mount Prospect, but I guess with everything that's going up in the new Randhurst Village across the street...anything is possible.

 Bar Louie Mt Prospect

Now Bar Louie is a solid place to go have a beer or partake in their awesome $1 burgers/$1 fries on Tuesdays (the main reason I went to the Naperville location is that my fiance went to school right next store at North Central). 

It's more of a bar atmosphere (duh, hence the name "Bar Louie"), but there is normally plenty of space on the outside rim to bring a family or friend and be away from the commotion that a bar stool normally brings.

I'll be trying this location in the near future (maybe tonight for $1 Burgers/Fries) and figure that this will be a solid place for nightlife (if that is your thing) for an area that hasn't had much in a long time.

Check out for more information and maybe I'll see you on a random Tuesday!

Bar Louie-Mt. Prospect
200 East Rand Rd

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