Is It Wrong To Buy People Gift Cards As Xmas Presents?

Tis the season when we have sugar plum fairy ideas of all of these wonderful and amazing presents we plan to buy those on our holiday gift list.

The issue is the reality of all of our busy lives and not being able to find the time to follow through on those gift giving ideas.

Last Minute Xmas Shopping

Now I'm not saying that everyone ends up like this and I bet better than 50% of people actually follow through on their original gift plans, like my fiance.

But I'm someone (as probably most guys are) that as I got older, I started to care more about the time spend with loved ones than the act of gift giving.

Yes, the act of giving is the important part, but I rather be able to let my gift recipient buy what they desire with my help and not feel bad for returning something that I might have spent an extended amount of time picking out.

So my question is..."Is it wrong to buy people gift cards as presents?"

I don't think so, but my guess is that the majority will think I'm wrong...

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