Avoiding the Mall Like the Plague...

Woodfield, Hawthorne, Stratford Square, "Randhurst" (sorta still counts), or others of it's kind.

I make sure that from the Friday after Thanksgiving, I do my best to avoid them at ALL COSTS...at least until after the holidays.

Not knowing anyone that actually enjoys going to the most unhappy place on earth (my apologies to anyone that works at a mall and actually enjoys it), it amazes me that people continue to frequent these places year after year without question.

When frequenting the mall, your most likely to:

  • Pay a good chunk more dough than you would if you purchased online or elsewhere.
  • Probably have a solid chance of getting sneezed on by some poor kid dragged there by his parents (I've never known a kid that jumps for joy when asked if they wanted to go to the mall).
  • Get stalked by a perfume, cologne, jewerly salesperson from one of the many useless carts in the middle of the mall hallway.
  • Not be able to escape from buying one of those amazing mall pretzels from Auntie Anne's or what not...it's not fair putting those always by an exit so you can't avoid the pure heavenly smell.  I've seen a line at one as if they were giving out gold bars instead of fried dough.
  • Or see high school kids yelling at each other from different floors.

Now everyone at once, go ahead and call me a scrooge or old fart or whatever name in the book that you would like, but does anyone like to endure any of these things unless your: Rich, immune to disease, smelly, fat, and younger than the age of 18. 

I don't think many people fit in that category except if your this guy...

Chow Yun Fat

Not exactly the example I was looking for, but his name sorta sounds like a few of my items. (My apologies, Mr. Yun-Fat...hopefully you don't sue me)

So beware of the traps of the mall and enjoy your holiday season, hopefully you receive all the wishes and presents you hoped for!

Happy holidays!

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