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Another End of 2010 "List"...Seriously???

Yes, it is that one week out of the year where a majority of us reflect on the previous 51 weeks and look ahead to hopes and dreams of the next 52. 2010 brought many more good times than bad and even ends with a lot of bright things to look forward into 2011 for.... Read more »

The "Between Xmas and New Years" Blackout Week...

As the calendar’s happen to fall, there are always five days between Xmas Day and New Years Eve…my question is: why are offices or businesses even open? Being that I’m very lucky to have vacation days to blow before I lose them, I have the entire week off (a total of 11 days off in... Read more »

Avoiding the Mall Like the Plague...

Woodfield, Hawthorne, Stratford Square, “Randhurst” (sorta still counts), or others of it’s kind. I make sure that from the Friday after Thanksgiving, I do my best to avoid them at ALL COSTS…at least until after the holidays. Not knowing anyone that actually enjoys going to the most unhappy place on earth (my apologies to anyone... Read more »

How Much Money Do "Homeless Panhandlers" Make A Year?

This morning, as it seems with every morning, my fiance mentioned a homeless person that she sees regularly on her drive to work near Schaumburg and how she gave him her breakfast, a banana. For some reason this set off a thought in my head of how interesting it would be if a journalist (famous or... Read more »

Buy Online to Escape Illinois Sales Tax? Doesn't Look Like You Will Be Able to Anymore...

According to an article I saw in the Chicago Tribune today, the state of Illinois is expecting people to dig through all their records and receipts from items purchased online since June 20th, 2004 and submit payment of the taxes they would have paid if purchased at a brick & mortar store around the corner.... Read more »

Is It Wrong To Buy People Gift Cards As Xmas Presents?

Tis the season when we have sugar plum fairy ideas of all of these wonderful and amazing presents we plan to buy those on our holiday gift list. The issue is the reality of all of our busy lives and not being able to find the time to follow through on those gift giving ideas.... Read more »

Belmont Transfer Toy Drive at Mutiny this Friday!

Around the holiday’s everyone gets that urge to do something good for others that we normally don’t think about during the other eleven months of the year, this can at least be a good start to my small part… A friend from my high school years, Charlie Nicholas, reached out a few weeks back to let me... Read more »

Friday Night Lights, Best Underwatched TV Show?

Originally based off a 1990 non-fiction book written by H. G. Bissinger. The book follows the story of the 1988 Permian High School Panthers football team from Odessa, Texas as they made a run towards the Texas state championship. Intended to be a Hoosiers-esq (another of my favorite sports films) story of high school sports monopolizing a small... Read more »