Whatever Happened to "Soil"?

Rock band "Soil", originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago formed in 1997, was on a rocket start to stardom after originally having their singles "Halo" and "Unreal" hit every major market radio station and then releasing their best charting album "Redefine" in 2004.

My question is "What Happened?"  It seems like yesterday that they were the "it" band from Chicago in alternative/rock radio and now you look at their current lineup (having two original and two temporary replacement members).


Original Soil

A lot of these guys aren't in the band anymore...

I remember back in my high school days that they would practice in Tim King's small garage on the corner of Prospect Manor and Bob-O-Link in Mount Prospect, not too far from Randhurst Mall or Prospect High School.

One of my best friends lived across the street and we would always hear the music and commotion emitting from the garage and wondered what it was until years later I was able to ask the band if that was their early beginnings.

I've always wondered what took place that made original singer Ryan McCombs leave the band to join Drowning Pool (who had lost their own lead singer when Dave Williams passed away) and then Shaun Glass leaving for Dirge Within.

The band was on it's way up the famous hill and then poof, it all collapsed (not even mentioning that replacement singer A.J. Cavalier and original drummer Tom Schofield went on "hiatus" earlier this year).

My whole thought process came about as I'm scheduled to work their show tomorrow night at the Metro in Lakeview with Losing Scarlet, Thyateira, Indolent and Bullet Train. 

Still containing original members Tim King and Adam Zadel, they will feature new touring additions of Jordan Lee at vocals and Mike Tignino at drums. 

The hope is that they will rock as hard as the original collection that was the band "Soil", but it might be more of a hopeful wish than an actual reality.  We shall see..

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