Thanksgiving Day...Is There No Better Day Of The Year?

Thanksgiving means it's time for the three "f's": Food, Family, and Football.

It's the time of year where watching football, eating copious amounts of food, and all the while attempting not to be the first family member to move from the couch or recliner is thoroughly accepted.

I love the Thanksgiving holiday possibly more than any other calendar holiday, just for that simple fact.

When else can you have an excuse to be lazy and have it be widely accepted?

Being completely aware that this makes me sound like I'm mistaken in the true meaning of the holiday, but in essence isn't that what Thanksgiving is: A time to be with family/friends/loved ones and to share in being thankful for the blessings bestowed upon us over the past year.

Big Hamburger

Sorry guy, hope your not offended, but you have mad giant hamburger eating skills...

I just happen to enjoy celebrating the holiday looking like this guy for almost 24 straight hours...

Whether or not you visit family/friends or spend a quiet day at home with the ones closest to you, I hope that everyone has a happy and fruitful Thanksgiving!

And with whatever you end up doing, you can at least think of me and say to yourself: "At least I'm not as lazy as that guy..."

Happy Thanksgiving

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