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I Fight Dragons, Chicago Based Chiptune Heroes

Chicagoans love to support hometown acts and lately I Fight Dragons has been the one many have been championing since early 2009, myself included. Going from an unsigned, unknown to a member of the Photo Finish/Atlantic Records family and having a few member changes, 2010 has been an interesting year for the chiptunes band. “Chiptunes” for those... Read more »

Who Really Wants To Leave The House on Black Friday?

Not me…especially when every year you can read stories of people getting trampled, kicked, arrested, and potentially even getting killed. Now anyone that really knows me, knows that I LOVE getting a deal or using coupons, but when it comes to putting myself in potential danger by other human’s that might be a bit too... Read more »

Thanksgiving Day...Is There No Better Day Of The Year?

Thanksgiving means it’s time for the three “f’s”: Food, Family, and Football. It’s the time of year where watching football, eating copious amounts of food, and all the while attempting not to be the first family member to move from the couch or recliner is thoroughly accepted. I love the Thanksgiving holiday possibly more than any other... Read more »

Whatever Happened to "Soil"?

Rock band “Soil”, originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago formed in 1997, was on a rocket start to stardom after originally having their singles “Halo” and “Unreal” hit every major market radio station and then releasing their best charting album “Redefine” in 2004. My question is “What Happened?”  It seems like yesterday that they... Read more »

New School, Old School: NBA Jam

Remember back to the year 1993, when video game arcades were still a huge part of a kids life. A young Matt would pump in quarter after quarter, dollar after dollar for hours on end into NBA Jam, a high flying basketball game that let you take control of your favorite pro players and have... Read more »

Lee DeWyze's "Live It Up", In-Stores Next Tuesday, November 16th

Being from the Arlington Heights/Mount Prospect area and an alum of Prospect High School, it almost is a requirement to follow our favorite paint salesman and 2010 American Idol winner Lee DeWyze. Lee’s next career step is probably the most important in dictating whether or not he’s going to stick around in the lime light... Read more »

Call of Duty: Black Ops, 2010's Best Excuse to Call in Sick?

Now some of us are “gamers” and some of us are “GAMERS!#$!”, the difference is easy to tell by their personal priorities in the importance of certain game releases. It’s the line drawn between the ones that call in sick to work when the new Call of Duty game hits the shelves and the ones that... Read more »

My Favorite Part About The Week After Halloween...

…is all of the SUPER cheap candy and Halloween items at your local Target/Walmart/whatever it may be. Today after week two of our house hunt, my fiance and I ventured into her local Target and found the “holiday” aisle JAMMED with people trying to buy the last remnants of Halloween 2010. I mean who can... Read more »

Go Away Snow, No One Wants You Here...

Let me preface this blog entry by saying I’m not discriminatory against snow or people that enjoy snow…  But who actually likes or enjoys snow? I’m not sure anyone really does, but a lot of people pull the wool over their own eyes and say that they “don’t mind it” or they “like the change of... Read more »