New School, Old School: NBA Jam

Remember back to the year 1993, when video game arcades were still a huge part of a kids life. A young Matt would pump in quarter after quarter, dollar after dollar for hours on end into NBA Jam, a high flying basketball game that let you take control of your favorite pro players and have them perform impossible dunks and shots.

I probably spent a good part of the summer before 5th grade throwing in tons of my parents money to play that game at the local Caserland in my old Chicago neighborhood.  It was a blast to go there with friends and try to embarrass them in the game.

Check out this awesome retrospective of the NBA Jam series from then until now:


Now fast forward seventeen years and today EA Sports released a high definition version of it for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, which I made sure to pick up day 1.

It brings back all the arcade fun and excitment that I had when I was a kid along with modern day modes that spice it up to give it tons of replay value.

Being a self professed video game nerd, I'll be playing this one for months to come...who else played NBA Jam in the arcades as a kid?

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