My Favorite Part About The Week After Halloween... all of the SUPER cheap candy and Halloween items at your local Target/Walmart/whatever it may be.

Today after week two of our house hunt, my fiance and I ventured into her local Target and found the "holiday" aisle JAMMED with people trying to buy the last remnants of Halloween 2010.

I mean who can blame people for wanting to take advantage of the ultra reduced prices on items that the week before were full price.

75% Off

It's also a reminder that this week is the beginning of the time of year where people can go literally insane when shopping in the store.

From the upcoming Black Friday sales and week before Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/etc. shopping, this is the only time of year where losing your mind while shopping is a socially accepted norm.

Being that I used to work Black Friday days at Best Buy when I was younger...I've learned to stay far, far away from the garbage sales that are offered in stores that day.

I mean I used to see people fight over the crappiest, most worthless floor model of an Audiovox CD player (sorry Audiovox, but I think you know your business model is to make cheap stuff that even bums can afford it).

It didn't have a box, instructions, or even sometimes a power cord to plug it in; but hey it was only $10 and would be a perfect gift for your ____ (son, daughter, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa).

Now your asking "so if your down on Black Friday, what do you like?"

Well I'm a big believer of the online sales, especially either Thanksgiving day sales (yes, you can take five minutes away from the family dinner or the usual blowout NFL games to see what stores are offering) or the starting to gain much hype, "Cyber Monday", the Monday after Black Friday.

I'll be highlighting some of my favorite online deal as I see them, hopefully giving all of you that extra insight into the glory of online shopping

So go out and partake in the 75% off gigantic bags of leftover Halloween candy at your local store and join me this November shopping online without having to deal with all that traffic, congestion, or dumb dumbs buying Audiovox Cd players.

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