I Fight Dragons, Chicago Based Chiptune Heroes

Chicagoans love to support hometown acts and lately I Fight Dragons has been the one many have been championing since early 2009, myself included.

I Fight Dragons

Going from an unsigned, unknown to a member of the Photo Finish/Atlantic Records family and having a few member changes, 2010 has been an interesting year for the chiptunes band.

“Chiptunes” for those who don’t know the musical genre term is music written in sound formats where many of the sound textures are synthesized or sequenced in real time by a computer or video game console sound chip, sometimes including sample-based synthesis and low bit sample playback.

It’s a largely unknown genre and I Fight Dragons might actually be the only band in that realm to be signed to a major label.

IFD, takes chiptunes and puts a different spin on it with having actual NES & SNES controllers, power gloves/pads, and Guitar Hero/Rock Band guitars hooked up to computers and modified to make different sounds when buttons are pushed. 

Essentially it’s a videogame nerds dream, being able to play in a band on stage with plastic instruments or controllers and to be cheered on by fans of their work.

This mixed with their power pop sound has been driving I Fight Dragons up the list of bands to know/look out for in 2011. Not to mention their use of cutting edge social marketing such as rewarding their email community with special tracks, creating an “Advance Guard” to help spread the word of the band, and using UStream to connect with fans on stage (streaming their shows worldwide) and off  (having chat parties and movie nights via the internet with fans).

They just released a new EP “Welcome to the Breakdown”, both on their website and iTunes, and had an EP release party this past Saturday at their home away from home, The Metro in Lakeview.

I encourage everyone to check them out and catch a live show in an area near you as it’s a fun time for nerds and non-nerds alike!

Visit www.IFightDragons.com for tour info, videos, etc.

Here’s a sample of proof of the goodness that is I Fight Dragons, their first single and title track from “Welcome to the Breakdown”:

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