Go Away Snow, No One Wants You Here...

Let me preface this blog entry by saying I'm not discriminatory against snow or people that enjoy snow... 

But who actually likes or enjoys snow? I'm not sure anyone really does, but a lot of people pull the wool over their own eyes and say that they "don't mind it" or they "like the change of seasons"...

The thing is that snow sucks and yes, it's probably my own fault for living my entire life in an area/region that has a solid three months of it every year.

Snow Cat
Hate Snow








(Takes a calm breath and eats his string cheese & apple breakfast...yes, I still eat like I'm four)

I think my entire dislike for snow today was activated by the drops of flakes that fell on me when I went out to warm up my car today before heading off to work.

Flakes are only a sign of what is to come with having to wake up early, shovel the driveway/parking spot, clean off the car and then attempt to make it to your desination amidst the winter wonderland.

Even with all of the goodness that comes along with snow (excuses to not go outside to work/school/gym/etc. or the warm, home feeling when looking outside), the negatives outweigh the positives.

It's not that snow itself is a bad thing; it just like rain, seems to warp drivers into driving dumb or park like they learned how to drive yesterday and makes everyone grumpy/frumpy for having to walk, run, bike, drive, or whatever they had to do to get to work.

Now I know that us Chicagoans/Suburbanites have it easy compared to our friends to the north in Canada, Alaska, or even Wisconsin. 

But snow I think you need to take a year off and come back in 2011 or something, go bother Arizona, Texas, or Florida for once...they'll enjoy it way more than we would.

Who really likes snow? Not this guy...

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