Making Movies in the Northwest Suburbs

Recently I was reading about how the upcoming thriller, "Contagion", has scheduled filming locations in Elgin, Wilmette, and Yorkville for later this year.

Starring Hollywood A-listers Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and about a virus outbreak that starts in Hong Kong and finds its way to Chicago; filming is bound to make some waves with parents and teenage kids alike flocking to the sets to see some of their favorite actors/actresses live and in person.

It brought back memories of when "Public Enemies", scenes filmed outside of the Biograph Theater on Lincoln Avenue and "The Dark Knight (Batman)", filmed throughout downtown Chicago day and night.  Both of these I had the privilage of seeing some of the action while working or on my way home after the day was done.

With "The Dark Knight" filming, I was able to see that same Gotham Police sign while on an architectural tour and when driving back from a promotional event late one Saturday night, I caught a glimpse of the "Batmobile" pulling a 360 degree turn on a blocked off street in the loop.

Now that I live back in the suburbs and I missed the most recent suburban movie film shooting for the "Nightmare On Elm Street" remake (Hershey & Elk Grove high schools), having the "Contagion" filming so close to home almost makes me want to go out and see "what all the fuss is about" when it comes to either being an extra or just to watch the movie making magic process.

Maybe I'll see you on the set...

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