Let's Celebrate the "4th of Halloween"!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holiday's of the year, next to Thanksgiving or Black Friday/Cyber Monday (which should be an official holiday by now). 

It brings the wearing of costumes, eating excessive amounts of candy, and pilgrimages to the movie theater to see the new Saw movie back into the normalcy of our lives.

I've always been known as someone that speaks the random thoughts that pass through his head and one thought that always crossed my mind was how would Halloween be if it took place in the summer or switched places with 4th of July, the difference in the way both of those days would be celebrated is very intriguing.

Now I know that both of these holiday's are tied to historical events that took place on or around those specific dates on a calendar, but just think of how it would be to have people running around in costumes and asking for candy in the middle or the summer or people blowing off fireworks with leaves falling off trees and potential snow on the ground.

It would be pretty hilarious in a "Twilight Zone"/"Dr. Who" kind of way, right? 

Just think of this guy... Bad Halloween Costume

...running around your neighborhood dressed like he's in "Cats" when it's 90 degrees outside (my apologies to this guy for whatever bet he lost or if he thinks this is a good costume).

Juxtaposing these or any other major holiday's (Happy New Memorial Day?) wouldn't make a whole lot of sense and let's face it, only would be useful if you were looking for a "one-way trip to the looney bin".

No matter how or when you celebrate Halloween, it's a good time that everyone can enjoy (especially dentist's) whether it be with friends or family.

It always manages to put a twinkle in my eye and skip in my step, or maybe that's just my candy withdrawl kicking in from last year...

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